Student Research: Top 10 Facts about BioGas

Summer 2011 Top Ten Lists for Renewable Energy

ELE 333 Sustainability Design

Instructor: Bethany Johnson


by: Tracey Richardson

1. The concept of biogas as a source of energy has been around since the early 17th century.

2. Biogas is produced as a result of materials such as animal manure, human waste, sewage, plant material, and crops.

3. Biogas can be used for heating  when cooking, gas for motor vehicles, power for electricity and heating.

4. Technology systems utilized and producing biogas are manufactured widely in Europe, limited usage in the US and for smaller rural residential usage in Asia.

5. The usage of worm farms to decompose  small garbage and waste composting for private residences is gaining popularity as a way to contribute environmentally.

6. If we were to start utilizing all of the Biogas produced from cow manure it would be enough to power millions of homes across America.

7. GHD Inc., located in Wisconsin, is the US’s largest manufacturer of anaerobic digesters. They have patented a two stage Plug-Flow digester that can process more than any other while reducing farm odors.

8. Small scale Biogas digester machines are available for private residences.

9. In rural areas biogas has positive health benefits for its residents. There is less animal waste and odor. Disease agents resulting in illnesses to residents also dissipates.

10. There are many environmental benefits to using biogas for water, soil, forests and air as well as reducing our carbon footprint and lessening the US’s dependency on oil.



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