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Yahoo! Unveils Its New Logo

Yahoo! Unveils Its New Logo


A Great UI Is Invisible




Digital communication and advertising is an ever changing and expanding network with which designers can play and discover entirely new ways of speaking. DesignKitchen is one of those innovative companies stepping forward into this new medium, daring to change the advertising world as we know it.

Presentations Environmental Graphic Design

Presentations, Inc. is an environmental graphic design|build firm that is dedicated to extending their clients corporate branding beyond conventional means. Whether for wayfinding, donor recognition, digital display, office spaces, marketing or public relation displays and identity packages. Presentations is dedicated to building lasting relationships, while providing all the visual and design services a client needs. The client’s identity leads decisions through a project and the final product is an individually unique visual brand expression. Different than other design firms, they bring all the services together under one roof.

Local Artist Kristin Komar

“Beauty is strangely familiar. I am fascinated with creating abstract paintings that, upon first viewing, evoke a sense of familiarity or remembrance. My work explores spatial and color relationships. I approach my paintings through a process of layers that emerge as I work. The layering occurs both in the physical layering of paint and the visual layering of elements vertically suspended or stacked in a sedimentary effect. Through careful consideration, objects are saved, abandoned, or eclipsed until I find a composition that interests me. Painting allows me to indulge in my compulsion to organize. I enjoy composing and arranging shapes and forms so that the end result is unexpected, yet harmonious.” Kristin Komar

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