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West 8: Guangzhou Huadi Sustainable Masterplan

West 8: Guangzhou Huadi Sustainable Masterplan


Modern Shire for Modern Hobbits

Modern Shire for Modern Hobbits

And so it begins…


After five years of debate and discussion, the process for construction of the new Maggie Daley Park has begun.

Exploring Dynamically Changing Densities

Check out eVolo’s blog about this dynamic, density altering sculpture explored by Aggregated Porosity Workshop.

Beautifully Executed Physical Models

Must-see gallery of elegantly crafted physical models.

Masdar: Entirely Sustainable City

Designed in the middle of the UAE desert, this completely sustainable city has No Cars Allowed, among other clubhouse rules 🙂

Living Walls

The project encourages individuals “to become foresters in their own city” by participating in guerilla gardening actions.

Secret Underground Passage

No one would suspect this old neighboring stone-and-wood barn structure  would provide the concealed entry such a cool and contemporary home set back from the road, half-hidden in a hollowed-out crater on the hill.