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Ishka Designs

Portelette Project Paris - 11 Rue Daniel Stern


Jeffery Alan Marks

Jeffery Alan Marks

W Hotel Barcelona

Looking forward to the W Lakeshore Hotel here, in Chicago this October. Maybe this gives some ideas of what we have to look forward to!

sameep padora and associates

designed by mumbai-based firm sameep padora and associates, the ‘indigo deli’, a delicatessen and dine-in restaurant transforms a mundane retail space within the palladium mall in mumbai, india. denying the rigid geometries of the mall context, an undulatingand interlocking structure swoops above the tables within the dining area. combining the qualities of a dome and surface, the hybrid formemploys the structural strengths of both applications. the wooden armature is formed with rough textured plywood, contrasting thesleek copper lighting fixtures and built in details.