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Sweet Supermarket Makeover

Sweet Supermarket Makeover


Design is History

easteading – the concept of creating autonomous communities at sea – offers a sustainable solution to dealing with abandoned oil rigs and other redundant offshore platforms.  In theory, seasteads would be established beyond the territories claimed by national governments, and some would even be mobile.  As eccentric as it sounds, there’s a substantial movement to make this form of oceanic dwelling a reality by 2014.

Michigan Theater: Detroit’s Famous Renaissance-style Parking Garage

Built on the site of Henry Ford’s first automobile workshop, the Michigan Theater has ironically returned to the place from whence it came.

Re-imagining the Hoover Dam

The current public amenities of the world-famous Hoover Dam in the United States consist of a viewing platform, a bridge, and a gallery scattered around the entire site. This project aims to reconfigure these programs by merging them into a single vertical super structure.Click above to read more

A sad day for American Architecture

The 25-room mansion in New York which some scholars believe inspired “The Great Gatsby” is being demolished for a subdivision, several international news sites reported on Monday.

Click on the image above to read more about this tragedy.

Australian Church Gets New Life as Breathtaking Luxury Apartments

Baker Kavanagh Architects saw this abandoned heritage church as a prime opportunity to transform the space into two gorgeous luxury apartments. Located in Bondi, New South Wales, the landmark’s façade has been kept intact, while the interiors have been gutted and updated into elegant apartments.

Tyne Salmon Trail

Environmental Clean-up combined with Superb Design