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Old Prentice May be Demo’d

Old Prentice May be Demo'd


Presentations Environmental Graphic Design

Presentations, Inc. is an environmental graphic design|build firm that is dedicated to extending their clients corporate branding beyond conventional means. Whether for wayfinding, donor recognition, digital display, office spaces, marketing or public relation displays and identity packages. Presentations is dedicated to building lasting relationships, while providing all the visual and design services a client needs. The client’s identity leads decisions through a project and the final product is an individually unique visual brand expression. Different than other design firms, they bring all the services together under one roof.

Healthcare Design

Environments for aging in 2011

Northwestern Health Care Facility

“The idea is to provide health-care without it feeling institutionalized.”

Recovery Lounge

The Recovery Lounge borrows ideas from the hotel and airline industries

London industrial designers Priestmangoode propose hospital wards modeled on health spas and beds like those in first class airline cabins in a new manifesto for health service design. This fresh look at healthcare design can be downloaded here.

I enjoyed reading the article, but question their use of the terms “radical” and “manifesto“. Manifesto suggests a political statement and radical suggests an extreme change. Neither of those are true. Instead these are practical evolutionary design suggestions for today’s hospitals.

Here are some of their examples:

  1. Nothing touches the floor (easier cleaning)
  2. Privacy in every space, for every patient
  3. Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality
  4. Faster patient turnaround times
  5. Information systems that reassure patients and families
  6. Reduce the amount of work for people in the system (better layout)
  7. Smarter, multifunctional use of space
  8. At home in hospital (make music, computer and TV available for a fee)
  9. Can’t they be nicer to look at? (Hospitals don’t have to be ugly & utilitarian)