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WeWOOD Watches

An Italian-based company that reuses remnants of different species of trees to create eco-luxury watches. Also, for every watch sold, one tree is planted.


It’s The Thought That Counts

Check out this comical and economical gift packaging for the holidays! Only $.99

Eco-Coke (C’mon, the Soda.)

Plant-based Coca-Cola products. Beautiful packaging. Beautiful graphics. I might not drink soda, but I found myself salivating over these new designs.

Feeling Gyped by Green[washing]?

Be fooled no longer! Cannon Design’s blog lists the “sins” of green-washing. Make sure you learn your sins today!

Light Tree

A brilliant solution that combines public art, pedestrian scale lighting, and greenery is easy to imagine beautifying parks, paths and public venues. The Light Tree, designed by Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso uses hydroponic techniques with LED and solar cell technology.Click above to read more


Check out  Well Designed and sustainable items for your home.  Great for gift shopping!

Green Cleaning Products EcoLogic Solutions� specializes in non-toxic, non-polluting, and non-hazardous cleaning products for the building maintenance, restaurant, and hospitality operations industries.  This group is the leader in bulk eco-friendly commercial cleaners, promoting worker safety with a dedication to the environment. Specializing in eco-friendly household cleaners, Ecover� is one of the industry’s leading competitors and has won many national and international awards recognizing excellence in environmental management of their products.  Ecover� is not only environmentally responsible in their manufacturing policy but also as an integral part of their business operations.  You can find each product online along with information for each about their personal and environmental advantages, instructions for use, and stats about their packaging and how it can be properly recycled. A new line of natural cleaners from Clorox� marking the first time that a major consumer products company has marketed a green line.  GreenWorks� is being endorsed by the Sierra Club who will display their logo on the bottle, marking also a first for this nonprofit to give its approval to a household cleaner. Method manufactures non-hazardous and all-natural cleaning products for the home.  They come in asthetically pleasing 100% post-consumer recycled content bottles and are naturally derived, biodegradable cleaning formulas. Specializing in 100% biodegradable household cleaning products, this group worked from the planning stages with SCS (Scientific Certification Systems) to ensure that their products would meet the highest possible environmental standards.  Look for information about their products, packaging, and efforts in environmental and social responsibility on this company website. Seventh Generation is one of the country’s leaders in brand non-toxic and environmentally safe household cleaners.  This group has been working since 1995 to alter the present market of home cleaning products through their applying their philosophies and dream of restoring and protecting the earth for all future generations. Certainly among the original companies to introduce and dedicate themselves to the manufacturing of environmentally safe and healthy household cleaning products.  Founded in 1956, this group has a long long history of achievements, awards, sponsorship, and collaboration in socially and environmentally responsible outreach.  Check out their site to learn more about Shaklee� household cleaners as well as their other lines of environmentally safe products. This line from Sunshine Makers, In. is a line of biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-abrasive cleaners for the home and industry.  All products in their Simple Green� line are free of ammonia,bleach, citrus oils or extracts, or petroluem distillates.  You can find safety and spec sheets on every single product as well as extensive information about the company’s environmentally responsible policies on this website.