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HKSARG and SMPG jointly planed to create a new boundary control point passenger at liantang / heung yuen wai in the north-eastern new territories of
hong kong and luohu in shenzhen to serve the cross-boundary goods vehicles and passengers traveling between HK and SZ east.


Coming Home – America’s Veterans

Drawing on his experience in a wheelchair, Michael Graves designs the Army’s first fully accessible house for wounded vets and their families.

Michigan Theater: Detroit’s Famous Renaissance-style Parking Garage

Built on the site of Henry Ford’s first automobile workshop, the Michigan Theater has ironically returned to the place from whence it came.

Ain Ghazal Interpretation Park

“…a statement about heritage, community and Jordanian architecture…”

Cocoon: An Emergent Learning Network of Skyscrapers

The emergent learning network proposes a revolution in teaching techniques, utilizing a system of self organized education, based on the theories of Sugata Mitra, Sir Ken Robinson and Konrad Waschsmann. The network proposes a future without teachers or traditional class rooms. The pupils are part of constantly morphing groups of four or five and are set tasks to research using any available resources. The internet is provided along with a ‘granny cloud’ and other digital media. Studies show that group access to resources encourages emergent learning between the participants, and improves the ability of the pupil to retain knowledge. Exam results improve along with far greater levels of participation.   Click on the image to read more.

Thanks Uncle Sam!

Congress Extends Renewable Energy Grants!

click on the image above to see what Greensource has to say about it…

Have you forgotten the oil spill?

Click the image for a good look at what people tend to ignore or forget so easily and the outcome of said ignorance. A short article about the issues Americans in the southeast are facing now and in the future as a result of the disastrous BP oil spill.

2011 Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition

Create a Zero Environmental Footprint for a 1,000,000+ Sq. Foot Los Angeles  federal building in the 2011 Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition brought to you by Metropolis Magazine and Herman Miller.

Click on the link below to find out more.