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Cocoon: An Emergent Learning Network of Skyscrapers

The emergent learning network proposes a revolution in teaching techniques, utilizing a system of self organized education, based on the theories of Sugata Mitra, Sir Ken Robinson and Konrad Waschsmann. The network proposes a future without teachers or traditional class rooms. The pupils are part of constantly morphing groups of four or five and are set tasks to research using any available resources. The internet is provided along with a ‘granny cloud’ and other digital media. Studies show that group access to resources encourages emergent learning between the participants, and improves the ability of the pupil to retain knowledge. Exam results improve along with far greater levels of participation.   Click on the image to read more.


CAD Blocks

I know CAD Blocks are hard to find.  Here are a list of sites for downloadable blocks:



Don’t be afraid to sign up.  You may have to in order to get access to the blocks.

Also, if you know of any other sites, feel free to post in the comments or under the “Share Ideas” tab.  Thanks and Enjoy!

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