under consideration

Since 2002, the Gold Rush era of blogs, UnderConsideration has launched six sites — Speak Up, Brand New, Quipsologies, The Design Encyclopedia, Word It, and FPO — that have been part of the growing dialog in design and the broad appreciation of the practice made possible by the reach of the web. Speak Up was the first major design blog to capture the attention of designers around the country and the world with spirited discussions; Brand New grew out of the popularity of reviewing rebranding efforts by a myriad of companies and it now covers an even broader range of work as a dedicated site; Quipsologies was a response to the increasing source of creativity found online and the desire to bring the most relevant to our readers; The Design Encyclopedia was built on the need for cataloguing the impact of design in our lives; Word It was a spin-off from one of Speak Up’s most popular features, which challenged our readers with interpreting visually one word every month; and FPO was an opportunity to celebrate the failure of print to die. UnderConsideration also operates its Department of Design to serve clients and their myriad needs, as well as to develop our own design challenges. With hugs, kisses and the best of design spirits, Bryony Gomez-Palacio & Armin Vit Founders Principals UnderConsideration LLC under consideration


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