Lake Forest Showcase & Garden

In May, a group of students from the Harrington College of Design embarked on a trip of a lifetime – a trip that displayed the architectural, cultural and design treasures of China. Harrington Program Coordinator and ID Instructor, Demetra Vartikos, shares the group’s adventures…

Day 1:

“As part of the International Studies program, our group consisted of Dawn Heitsch, (an undergraduate and Master of Interior Design Harrington alumna), Amanda Wajrowski (Masters of Interior Design), Brandon Tone (Communication Design student), Shanna Lemaire (Photography student) and Holly Conrad (Interior Design student), led by myself.

After an overnight flight to China we arrived in Beijing on May 1st, where May Day was being celebrated by the Chinese. We explored Beijing (which means Northern Capital) which has a long history of 3,000 years and a current population of 13.5 million. Beijing has had many dynasties including the Ming dynasty where the huge city walls were repaired and redesigned and much of Beijing’s hallmark architecture, such as the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven, were built.

In 1949, Chairman Mao liberated Beijing from the Japanese and proclaimed the People’s Republic of China.  As had happened many times in the past, the city underwent a transformation: decorative archways were brought down and whole city blocks were demolished to widen major boulevards.

The past quarter of a century Beijing has transformed into a modern city, with skyscrapers and modern buildings. The once flat skyline is now defined by vast apartment blocks and office buildings.”

Tomorrow, see highlights from the Forbidden City, the largest palace in the world!

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Photo courtesy of Gwen Williams

Featured at this year’s Lake Forest Showhouse and Garden event were stunning designs by lead Designer Susan Sissman and her team from Eclectic Design Collaborative which included Harrington Masters in Interior Design student (and soon to be alumna), Leslie Bowman , HCD ID graduate Gwen Williams and HCD Adjunct faculty members Cynthia Gissele and Denise Rush.



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