Consumer and Recycling Information Green Citizen, an electronics recycling company, picks up old electronics from businesses and special drop-off sites. They recycling items on a per-item fee basis and provide a list of partner businesses. Under the “Learn More” tab, the Resource Center has relevant laws, useful websites, recommended readings, and kid’s resources. Greenopia is an extensive directory of local (and national) eco-friendly listings within and around Los Angeles and San Francisco.  With a one to four leaf rating system, you can browse this book (and website) to find only the most sustainable businesses with sections ranging from Art & Leisure, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drinks, to Party Planning, Eco Events, and Shopping Picks.  This companion website also features forum discussions, and other resources such as “How to be Greener Guide,” and “Ask the Greenopia Team.” A nonprofit organization that uses science based certification to transform the marketplace through the promotion of environmentally responsible products and services.  Green Seal offers advise and assistance to manufacturers and consumers in order to help individuals and business make more informed decisions about the materials and operations we invest in. A website dedicated to the search for post consumer recycled office supplies and products.  With the Co-op America Business Seal of Approval, Bay Area Green Business Program Certified, CERES Annual Sustainability Reporting, and Green House Gas Emissions Offsetting, this website reports on the greener choices for office supplies with a “Green Screen” labeling system that ranks the green-ness of every product. SF Environment is an organization that works to promote a healthier and more sustainable future for San Francisco through innovative, approachable and wide-ranging environmental programs.  Find policy and recycling information, news updates, and volunteer opportunities at this website. A public agency operated by three Alameda County organizations: Waste Management Authority, Source Reduction, and Recycling Board.  This website offers a host of materials related to recycling, composting, landscaping, and building as well as business, consumer, and local community resources. Earth 911 is a website with information about recycling, energy-saving, household items, and other green/sustainable subjects. There are also current news articles that relate to the subject. This is the site of the Bay Area Green Business Program. There are lists of products, services and organizations, local resources and partners, and members of the California Green Business Network. Also includes links to regional, state, and national resources and organizations, and industry-specific resources and professional associations. The Becoming Green page has useful tips and resources. Co-op America, an organization that works to harness economic power to promote change, runs this site. Includes National Green Pages, activism articles, fair trade guides, a resource section, and a hot topics section with articles and resources. This is the site for the Alliance to Save Energy. There is information for consumers, educators, policy makers, and energy professionals. Some features: program lists and descriptions, international energy use, topics (including buildings, insulation, lighting, and federal energy use), and quick facts and reports. An introduction to and operation guide to making your own compost.


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